Tira Austenite Promoting Women's Leadership in a Male-Dominated Industry

Recognising that building versatile and accomplished teams requires a diverse workforce and diverse leaders, Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) member Tira Austenite has made progress towards redressing the gender imbalance in their male-dominated workforce by almost doubling the number of women in managerial positions within two years, from seven (11 percent of total) in 2017 to 13 (25 percent of total) in 2019.

By focusing on women’s leadership, Tira Austenite has created a system that identifies and supports women to progress in the company, with the aim of attracting and inspiring the next generation of employees.

IBCWE with the assistance of Solidaritas conducted a case study on Tira Austenite about promoting women's leadership in a male-dominated industry and identified challenges, opportunities for change, actions, results, and developments that can be learned together.

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