PT HM Sampoerna Tbk Supports New Mothers to be able to Balance Their Role

Many women face dilemmas such as is it necessary to leave a career behind after having children?

Henny Susanto, Head of Jakarta Zone, Sales Operational PT HM Sampoerna Tbk is one of the women who face a dilemma. After having a career for 25 years, Henny also considered giving up and quitting her job for the sake of her family.

However, Henny received support from his family as well as the work environment and the company. This support helps her to continue her career while taking on the role of a mother.

As a company, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk supports new mothers to be able to balance their roles in the family and the office through a policy, such as flexible working time arrangements, up to 6 months of maternity leave and up to 1 month of paternity leave.

In addition, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk also provides supporting facilities, such as a Parental Support Facility, nursing room, Employee Assistance Program, and parenting community forum that presents expert speakers to discuss parenting issues. These aim to support and inspire women to continue working in the company.


How do Henny balance work and office life?

"Do not feel guilty when leaving children to work but give them the understanding that we still care and love them even though we are working. I believe more in quality than quantity when it comes to spending time with family," said Henny.

Henny's nurturing nature is also applied to her children at home and also to her team at the office. Henny applies a "give space to deliver" parenting style because she believes that this style will educate them to be more responsible for the decisions they choose.

For Henny, every day is a new journey and lesson, so she does not want to take advantage of the privileges provided by her support system. Henny continues to practice hard to concentrate and be patient. She learns to manage time to be able to do all her activities well, efficiently, and effectively. She also learns to have time to relax for a while every day.

"How we can focus and master our strengths, which makes us unique compared to others, is an important thing," said Henny. 

Henny also added, "Being happy while working is the main key to continue developing yourself positively."

Henny believes that apart from showing one's ability at work, someone should not hesitate to admit her/his shortcomings. So that the team members and companies can help provide solutions to overcome this. 

The story of Henny Susanto taught us not to give up, continue to learn and practice, take advantage of the nature of women, and that being vulnerable once in a while is a natural thing.

By sharing the obstacles we face in the workplace, our team members,  leaders, or even companies can help us find solutions or other options rather than the polarity of  staying in the job but not having time for family or quitting the job to have time for family.



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