Danone Indonesia's Policy in Supporting Equal Parenting

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In our society’s norms, child rearing has always been borne by women as mothers. Whereas the involvement of fathers in childcare at home also had a positive impact, not only for the growth and development of the child but also on the behaviour of the father in his work environment.

"Small successes in child development can give a father a feeling of success, which makes the father's personality much more positive, when compared to fathers who are less involved in caring for their children at home," explained Edward Andriyanto, Child Clinical Psychologist at the Millennial Parenting; Equal Parenting webinar organized by the Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) and supported by Danone and Sari Husada (12/11/2020).

Edward also added that the little successes made by the child at home will also have a positive impact on a father and will make him less aggressive. This can be carried over to his work environment where he becomes a more caring employee and have a better relationship with his superiors and subordinates.

Not only does it have a good impact on the father and mother, but equal parenting is also good for the child. With both parents taking the equal part in household duties and childrearing, this will trigger children's understanding of gender equality.

The application of parenting patterns that do not differentiate between genders, such as choices such as toys, colors, and education will boost both boys and girls’ confidence as they feel they are equal and able to dream big. Hence in the future, when they enter the working world, they already have an understanding of gender equality and believe that they are able to contribute and become leaders.

Danone Indonesia is one of the brands that has invested heavily in parenting, including campaigning for equal parenting. Danone Indonesia believes that there are many benefits that will be obtained from this investment such as creating an inclusive environment, where this environment will also help their female talents feel supported to pursue their careers.

Since 2016, Danone Indonesia has adopted Danone’s global parental policy. This is based on the understanding of the importance of the first 1000 days of life for child development and the importance of the involvement of both parents to ensure the child gets the best nutrition early in life through an extended parental leave, which are 6 months for female workers and 10 days for male workers.

Source: Presentation Material by Dedie Renaldi, Human Resource Director - Business Service Danone Indonesia, About Danone's Parenting Policy on the Millennial Parenting; Equal Parenting Webinar.


"As a company, we want to become a parent-friendly company that is committed to create conditions where employees can balance their lives, both as employees and as parents," said Dedie Renaldi, Human Resource Director, Business Service Danone Indonesia.

Through this policy, Danone Indonesia provides opportunities and ensures employees that have new children to be able to adapt to their new roles as parents, enjoy their children’s development and can provide an understanding of equal parenting to their children.

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