JLL Indonesia Supports Working Mothers by Providing Support in the form of System, Environment and Flexible Workplace.

In 2017, JLL collaborated with the Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) and carried a mission to encourage diversity, provide equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace, convey the importance of promoting equality and developing policies related to economic empowerment women and became one of the first five companies to have received EDGE certification, namely the global assessment methodology and business certification standards for gender equality.

“Our most valuable asset is our people. We are proud of the inclusive culture that JLL has for all backgrounds and experiences,” said James Allan, Country Head of JLL Indonesia to convey the background behind JLL Indonesia's commitment in having a gender equality policy.

The commitment held by JLL Indonesia helps increase the involvement of women in the workplace. Rosari Chia, Senior Director of Office Leasing, JLL Indonesia has felt this support in recent years.


Support for Mother

During 14 years working at JLL Indonesia, Rosari spent eight of them as a mother. Every day, Rosari spends 12 hours working in the office and traveling time between the location, so that Rosari only have maximum 3 hours to spend with family. But with the least available, Rosari can still provide the quality time for family as all working mothers want, from taking time off to care for sick children to bringing children to the office through a child-friendly week program ahead of Hari Raya.

Rosari can feel the difference given by JLL Indonesia especially when she is in her second pregnancy, Rosari can take time to work gradually with 4 months of maternity leave and can even comfortably return to work as a breastfeeding mother because JLL Indonesia has a lactation room named Kartini. As working mother, Rosari feel that JLL Indonesia has provide support in the form of system, environment, and flexible workplace.

When the mother succeeds in fulfilling the child's right to breastfeed, not only will the child's health be protected, at the same time breastfeeding mothers will get physical and psychological benefits that will support performance and productivity in the workplace.

"To maintain the productivity and comfort of working mothers during maternity leave, JLL Indonesia provides an extension of the leave period, from the usual 3 months to 4 months, so that mothers can spend more time with their babies," said Laetitia, Senior Manager, Human Resource. , JLL Indonesia.

The importance of establishing a support system for mothers in the work environment is because in many cases, women are forced to resign from their offices due to a lack of support system from their family or workplace when they do the multiple roles.

"I am lucky to be able to do (multiple role)  that as best I could because involved in the JLL Indonesia team," said Rosari Chia. This policy has proven to be successful in increasing the productivity of female workers returning to careers after maternity leave.

"I hope JLL Indonesia will continue to support working women, and apply program and flexibility to support women in the scope of work and various company policies," said Rosari Chia as the hope for JLL Indonesia.

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