Companies Need to Implement These Five Policies to Create Gender Equality

What are policies that make women and men workers feel valued and cared for based on their quality of working performance?

1. Flexibility

While women are more willing to make less money with more flexible working hours, men actually also like to be flexible too. Implement policies that allow workers to perform tasks from home-both those with full-time status and those with specific periods of work. Fixed main hours later. Choose their own hours around the schedule set by the company.

2. Setting Schedules

Different workplace, different needs. For example, restaurant business does not allow someone to work from home because everyone has to be in one place. A staff can’t ask for a shift in work time because it can distract other co-workers. Thus, there must be a timetable where workers will be where they are needed. Maya will be in office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while Tedi is only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

3. Salary Openness

The only way gender welfare inequality occurs is when information is kept secret. The company considers the amount of income to be confidential information, and many consider talking about pay as inappropriate. Workers do need and should be open to each other when talking about salary. No one needs to feel cheated by unfair pay when the company is open to what position it will receive.

4. Management Training

Managers can manage and break companies. Therefore, make sure they get training on how to set up the company to provide a comfortable workplace for everyone. Managers need to know the laws of employment and gender are not reasons that differentiate treatment. Most managers are bad not because they are bad people but because they lack training.

5. Make Things Equal but Not the Same

Often managers feel that everyone should be treated identically. If Maya gets five candy grains then Tedi must get five candy points. This principle may apply in kindergarten but not so in a management approach. If Maya asks for flexibility then the reason for rejection is not because Tedi does not get flexibility. Reasons for receiving or rejecting requests should be factual. If in doubt, check the rule of law or ask the company’s lawyer.

If every woman and man worker already see your company as a great place to work, do not worry about how gender equality is there.

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