Child Center at PT Unilever Indonesia

Child Center at PT Unilever Indonesia


Working parents are usually busy and they juggle for not losing chances to nurture their babies. PT Unilever Indonesia (PT UI) has been accommodating this employee’s need in particular for those with children 6 to 12 years old. They built a children center 15 years ago. “We want to ensure that our employees are maximizing their contribution in the workplace. Children is one of challenges for working parents. They will focus on their work and deliver best performance if the company can ensure that the children are in a safe place and enable the parents to access anytime.” Said Irma Erinda, Leadership and Development Manager of PT UI.

It was started when employees, mostly mothers, carried their children to office because their baby sitters took long off days for Lebaran (muslim public holidays). PT UI responded to this with providing a child care since 2003. It enables parents to focus on their work and feel rest assured that their children are in the good hands. The children center offers a venue where children could participate in non-formal educational activities that stimulate children’s intelligence, imagination, creativity and preparation to be independent during parents are working.

The child care also provides capacity building program for parents. Last year, they hold a program with “Happy Family, Happy Employee” theme where parents were introduced to hypno parenting and stress management method, and Montessori method for their children. Unilever supports family’s role in parenting to grow a well-being family.

PT UI inaugurated its new headquarter in Green Office Park BSD City in South of Tangerang on June 2016. Grha Unilever built on 30,000 square meters of land and accommodate 1,350 employees. It has a children center that can provide up to 30 children. However, with 1.7 million per month, the waiting list has reached 50 names

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