Many Changes Occur, When Gender Equality Is A Priority

In millennials era, change happens very fast. But there are things that still remain unfinished issue. One issue is gender equality, particularly in the work environment. Many opportunities still can not be obtained by women in Indonesia. In fact, with the existence of gender equality, especially in the work environment can affect various things in the work environment. Therefore gender equality should be a priority for CEOs and corporate leaders.

According to research made by Accenture Indonesia, there are interesting facts if gender equality occurs in the work environment. Some interesting facts are:

  1.     Women are almost three times more likely to be on the fast track in organizations with at least one female senior leader.
  2.     Increasing the percentage of women leaders from 0 to 35% leads to the biggest gainin women’s advancement.
  3.     Women progress further where there is transparency around pay targets and in turn this helps to narrow the gender wage gap
  4.     Companies in which leadership teams are accountable for improving gender diversity are 63% more likely to have increased     women’s participation in executive leadership.

More details on this research:

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