Harijanto: Ensuring the Welfare of Women Workers

During his seventeen years as director of PT Adis Dimension Footwear, Harijanto was one of the originators of the Policy on Harassment and Inappropriate Treatment and policies for pregnant women. As the largest shoe manufacturing company in Indonesia, these policies are important breakthroughs for women workers who are vulnerable to discrimination.

PT Adis Dimension Footwear (PT Adis) was established in May 1989. In 2008, PT Adis expanded its plant in Legok, Tangerang, in 2014 to expand to Majalengka, West Java. At present PT Adis produces Nike branded shoes, with an average monthly production of 735,851 pairs.

There is no gender prejudice

As one of the founders of the Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) Harijanto explained, "At PT Adis Dimension Footwear, rights, responsibilities, social status and access to resources do not depend on whether they are born as women or men. Everyone is treated fairly and has equal opportunities in work and life. "

Female and male employees at PT Adis are encouraged to develop their personal abilities and take choices without restrictions set by prejudice regarding gender roles or characteristics. With 4,415 more female employees than 4,014 male employees, Harijanto sees female employees as assets that must be valued. Especially if it relates to their reproductive needs.

Complete facilities for women workers

One of the demands of Indonesian women workers during a demonstration on the occasion of International Women's Day last March in front of the House of Representatives building was the lactation room. Chairperson of the Women's Committee of the SPSI Federation of Energy and Mining Chemical Workers (SPKEP) Ira Laila, said that many companies do not provide lactation rooms, so women workers are forced to breastfeed in the toilet. This will not be found at PT Adis, which provides lactation rooms for all employees and women workers.

Employees at PT Adis who are pregnant will certainly not work in dangerous parts. Such as exposure to heat, engine vibration, chemicals, noise and may not work in parts that stand continuously. To distinguish pregnant employees, PT Adis gave a special pin as an identity so as not to be employed in a place that is dangerous to the womb. Routine health control facilities for pregnancy and babies and pregnancy exercises are available to facilitate the delivery process.


Film Angka Jadi Suara is an initiative by the Cross-Factory Labor Federation to uncover the high prevalence of sexual abuse of female workers. Harijanto understands that sexual harassment will damage work situations and has the potential to disrupt productivity. Therefore a Policy on Harassment and Inappropriate Treatment was also established in the Collective Labor Agreement.

"If there is a violation of this norm, then PT Adis is committed to handling it fairly. "Sanctions given to employees if they have been proven to have committed a violation are a warning letter and even until the termination of employment (Termination of Employment) is adjusted to the case," said Harijanto.

 Harijanto emphasized that gender justice means fairness without any discrimination in any case, especially for women workers whose position is often seen as weak by companies. "I want to be a pioneer in upholding this gender equality, so that women workers are guaranteed their welfare," said Harijanto.