Yacko: Attempt as a Rapper, Mother and Head of the Family

If generally in 1995 teenage girls like to scribble books with sweet lyrics from boyband and tell about the movements of the older siblings he estimates, Yacko writes the verses of rap lyrics he created. His rap skills were proven by winning several rap competitions while still a teenager

"I have never had definite ideals since a long time ago, except the dream of wanting to release a rap album," said Yacko, whose real name is Yani Oktaviana. His goal was reached fifteen years later when releasing his first solo album entitled "Refleksi". After that he continued to work and in July 2017, he released a video clip entitled "Hands Off", which was inspired by an incident of harassment against women.

Hip hop is known as a world filled with utterances that demean women. Tricia Rose, an American academic and researcher, in her book “That’s the Joint! The Hip hop Studies Reader”, suggests that there are two types of women who are often highlighted in rap lyrics, women who can be invited to meet the mothers and women we meet at three in the morning. Tricia stated that at the beginning of her development women's participation in the rap world was limited by her gender. For Yacko, even now this remains true, "Women are often considered unable to rap. Underestimated. "But it's not Yacko whose name is giving up. Persistently, the recipient of this cum laude degree from the economics faculty of Trisakti University was actually planning an album containing a collection of songs from Indonesian female rapper.

Harassed during a gig

One day, when Yacko performed he was sexually abused. "When I did the stage dive (dropped into the audience to be captured-ed), there was someone who actually held my breasts. I immediately went berserk in the middle of the crowd. The show immediately stops and fights each other. But we can’t found the person, "explained the winner of the Master of Business Administration from the University of Wolonggong, Australia.

After the incident, Yacko did not give up, instead creating a Hands Off song. Through this song Yacko wants women to be brave enough to fight men who commit sexual abuse. "My body is not for you to touch without your consent no you fool. My short skirt is not to attract you, because what I wear is my rule, said the lyrics. Yacko also immediately issued jewelry in the form of earrings and bracelets with the theme Hands Off, the profits of which will be donated to institutions that provide services for violence against women.

Become the head of the family

Yacko currently lives with his mother and daughter, Alana, who is eight years old. On weekdays Yacko will teach marketing, public relations and human resource development courses at Unisadhuguna International College. At this university, Yacko held the position of Head of Campus at the Sudirman branch. "My Passion is sharing. Teaching is not one-way communication. I get knowledge from my students, at the same time I share my knowledge, "explained Yacko, who has been a lecturer since 2006.

After teaching, Yacko, who is also a single parent, will spend time with family. Writing stories is Yacko's favorite activity with Alana before going to bed. After Alana slept, Yacko did other activities, such as recording or performing. "I do all this because basically I have to make money to support my family," Yacko said. His hard battle as a mother, rapper and lecturer was really enjoyed by him.

Teach gender equality

If Yacko's place is supporting to bring a small child, Alana will come with him. Yacko tries to teach gender equality to his children through simple examples. When reading his children's textbook, there is an explanation that the role of the mother takes care of the