Syaldi Sahude: Feminist Men Must Present in Supporting the Gender Equality

Syaldi Sahude is one of the co-founders of Aliansi Laki-laki Baru (ALB). The establishment of ALB was due to the emergence of concerns of a group of men who wanted to make changes about gender injustice and involved men in fighting for women's rights.

A question arises, is there a feminist man? Are there men who want to give up some of the privileges that have been obtained for hundreds of years and contribute to empathy for women? The answer is yes. It's just still very rare in a world where patriarchy is deeply rooted. While the definition of feminist men is men who have concern for the environment, tolerance for differences, have an interest in culture, and give freedom to couples.

Feminist men also use positive language, want to share domestic work, care about reproductive rights and are sensitive to meeting their partner's needs during sexual intercourse. They are also usually transparent in managing finance and anti-polygamy. It's not easy when a man establishes himself as a feminist. Because once again, this means he is brave against the comfort of the system that places men as rulers in all fields, especially families.

Disturbed by Patriarchy

Syaldi Sahude began to be interested in exploring women's issues when acting in the activism world in 2001. "I accompanied the Mei '98 movement, Semanggi 1 and 2. Things that bothered me, every action and advocacy meeting, participants who came were always the mothers. I wondered, where are the fathers? "Said Syaldi, who had studied Philosophy at Diyarkara College. Syaldi knew that the father in question was actually unemployed, so being busy working could not be used as an excuse.

The phenomenon of active women's participation was also observed by Syaldi in other places, "During the religious conflict in Ambon, peace began with the market built by the Mothers. They have to build a market to meet family needs. "So was Syaldi's experience in Aceh when his wives became heads of families because local men were forced to flee to the forest so that they were not accused of being members of the rebellion.

According to Syaldi, women often come forward when the situation is not good. Whereas in a pleasant atmosphere, such as environmental meetings, the men will be in power. His introduction to activists in the Journal of Women also opened Syaldi's eyes to gender inequality.

Challenges of the male movement supporting women's issues

Aliansi Laki-laki Baru was formed in November 2009. ALB breakthrough gradually attracted the attention of many people. But ALB has a principle that cannot be contested. Unlike non-governmental organizations in general, ALB does not accept donors. "Many donors spend money on the issue of involving men in gender equality. But funds must have been taken from the women's empowerment post. This is what we don't want, "explained Syaldi.

As a movement, the ALB does not want to strengthen the stigma that men are in charge of protecting women. If there are donors who want to give funds, it will be recommended for women's organizations supporting ALB, "We want funds to be ensured for the benefit of women, even though the program targets men." ALB wants to eliminate suspicion that this organization is a new effort for men to colonize women's movements.

Father wants to be close to the child

Discourse on leave for the father whose wife gave birth had been rolled out by ALB. Syaldi thinks his ideal for a month's duration is given to fathers. "But before talking parental leave, the fathers must complete the skills for parenting the child first," said Syaldi