Providing Worker-Based Facilities

PT Pan Brothers Tbk is the largest garment manufacturing company in Indonesia that serves international labels, such as Uniqlo, Nike, Adidas, The North Face, and H & M. The export destinations of Pan Brothers include the United States, European Union, Eastern Europe, Canada, and Japan. Standing on the company's brilliant reputation, Anne continues to take ambition to bring Indonesian company's products to the global scene. "I always believe Indonesia can be number one," said Anne who is also Chief of the Committee HeForShe Run event 2018 held early this March.

Caption: Anne (made a "V" sign) with a number of IBCWE founding company representatives at the HeForShe Run 2018 event

Supporting Women's Labor Force

Anne has a big dream that Indonesian products will be number one in the world. The award-winning Master of Business Administration degree at Loyola Merymount University, USA, has been committed to the choice to build a business, pursue a career, as well as serve the role of wife and mother. "At the end of the day, we're a mom, and we're also the boss," said the leader of 30 thousand workers and mother of two children.

Anne's contribution to female labor force in Indonesia is quite large. Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics 2017 noted that the female labor force participation rate increased from 52.71 percent to 55.04 percent. PT Pan Brothers Tbk is one of the companies that support the female workforce. At the director level, the comparison of female and male leaders has reached 50:50. The same number applies at manager level. However, at the general manager level, the total number of women involved is not more than 10 percent. But at the operator level, the number of female workers increased to 90 percent and 10 percent of men. However, for the new factories, they began to apply 60 percent of women and 40 percent of men. "Actually, we want it 80:20 or 75:25, but now we can see that the men's workforce is okay," Anne said.

Providing Lactation Room Facility

For Anne, supporting women workers at PT Pan Brothers is not enough to provide jobs. A number of policies and regulations that facilitate the needs of women workers are applied, including Article 128 of the Health Law concerning exclusive breastfeeding, and Article 83 of Law No.13 / 2003 on the right of female laborers to breastfeed. Anne revealed, as a form of commitment to realize the policy PT Pan Brothers provide lactation room facilities. "They are given the opportunity to breastfeed. We also have lactation room, there is a chance to store their milk, there is also a refrigerator, so they can bring home milk for their children, "said Anne.

Currently, Anne and other IBCWE members are conducting surveys to develop policies related to gender equality in the company. "We also conducted a survey with IBCWE. After they give birth, what they need so they can keep up their careers. This is also done so that policies can be right on target. Do not let us provide infrastructure on their own initiative, but based on the needs of employees, "explained Anne who admitted that she ever had a dream to be a scientist.

Caption: Anne serves photo requests from her factory workers participating in HeForShe Run 2018

 Never Get Underestimated By Gender

"I was never underestimated because I am female. Even if underestimated because certain things, "said Anne firm. The criticism that comes to him is definitely related to business and work. During the company's leadership and working with foreign companies, Anne insists she has never experienced gender discrimination in the world of work.