Accompanying Children Since Pregnancy

Ahmad Zaini, one of initiator father’s leave petition, sued the duration of two-day leave does not sufficient to assist the childcare process at the beginning of the birth.  Compared to 167 other countries in the world, Indonesia is the country with the shortest paternity leave.  The two-day leave for father to accompany the wife who give birth in Indonesia is equivalent to the duration provided by Government of Paraguay, Guatemala, Argentina, Tunis, Holand, and Argentina.

Based on the research that conducted by Citation Website that provides human resources and human resources in United of Kingdom, Iceland occupies the country’s best provider of paternal leave. Iceland provides a 91-day leave with a full paycheck for a new father. The second positon is occupied by Norway for 70 days. The International Labour Organization (ILO) notes since 1994 that there are 40 countries have begun to apply leave for new fathers. ILO findings is showing the importance of raise awareness of men over paternity leave. As new fathers, they  are entitled to spend more time with their wives and children. The research evidence also indicates that active parent participation is success key of their children living their challenges.

Both Are Responsible

Ahmad Zaini became witnessing the equal division of labor affairs since childhood. His father worked as a lurah (who used to work at home to spend more time with Ahmad, “ Dad got involved from Bathing to teaching the study pf the Qur’an.  The influence from his father’s upbringing inspired Ahmad to become a father figure who wanted more involved parenting.

“From the beginning of the first child’s pregnancy , my wife and I have committed that this is our baby. We both take care them,” clearly father of three children.  Ahmad did not hesitate to learn basic skills to care for the baby. During the first child’s pregnancy, Ahmad and his wife regularly come to various training, such as how to bathe the baby, preparation of breast milk, baby massage, and so forth. He believes the ability to accompany in the early days of this birth will be a strong capital attachment with his children in the future.

Website for Confused Father

Ahmad has habit in taking care the children since they were babies.  This made his wife more free to have ‘me time’ in the midst of busy as a housewife. “It just so happens that the day off kids want me. From shower, breakfast, and sightseeing. This is could give theirr mother ‘me time.’ Even since the children are babies, if she stressed and want to meet with his friends,   it’s okay for me.  No problem because I’m used to it,” said Ahmad with a laugh.

Ahmad admits that he has different attitude compared to his clients. While working as a creative director at an advertising agency, he often meets with clients of baby product who positioned the mother as the primary responsibility bearer to take care of the child. Most media that rise issue of parenting also generally speak to mothers. This makes many fathers are confused about his son, including Ahmad’s friends who often consulted about this to him.

These experiences led Ahmad and his colleagues to initiate A website contains parentng tips for dad. “ aspires to inspire dad to form a fun family,” clearly graduated from Yogyakarta Art Institute. Several months after its lunch, the’s team succesfully inflated discusison  the role of the father in the family through a new daddy leave petition in Indonesia.

Reap the Attention of The Masses

Beyond Ahmad’s expectations with his partner, Adie S. Nugroho, the petition they made reap the attention of the media to political figures. In addition to appearing in various media, one pair of candidates for Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta also threw a discourse to give one month leave for new father. For Ahmad, this is a dream come true.  &ld