Policy To Support Working Mothers

Prioritizing gender equality in the company, DBS Bank of Indonesia won the award of Best Employer for Women in Workforce from Aon Hewitt Awards in Indonesia in 2016 and 2017.

 Flexibility Impacts Loyalty

Satia recalls a situation in her life as a working mother.  Her heart was beating harder as she stepped into her superior’s room to convey her third pregnancy.  This means that she would have a relatively long-term leave. Although this experience occured a dozen years ago, it imprinted in Satia’s mind. “ I used to be scared to tell the boss (that I) was pregnant,” Said Satia. Even though pregnant and giving birth are natural consequences of having reproductive organs for women.

Satia feels a common vision with DBS Bank of Indonesia. The bank has principle of Making Banking Joyful. Generally working in bank industry is assumed to serious side. DBS wants to change it into fun sphere. This cheerfulness applies to both customers and staffs. “When we see that we need fun, it’s important to provide women so they can have personal and professional life balance,”said Satia who has worked for more than 12 years at DBS Bank of Indonesia.

DBS Bank Global is implementing general rules that address gender equality. However, every DBS branch country is freed to adjust the program and facilities in implementing the rules. Satia’s life experience as a working mother in human resource department in various companies triggered her to equip DBS Bank of Indonesia with various facilities that support women such as daycare for a week before and after Lebaran, adequate lactation space throughout the office, and flexible work arrangement system.

“I could not calm in a meeting while my child just fell. Now, we have flexible working arrangement. If your child was sick, you could work from home. We have an open system  so employees can work from anywhere,” Satia was adding how the flexibility of working hours policy actually increases loyalty and worker productivity in the office.  For example, a staff , who are on maternity leave,  is still willing to actively serve job-related communications via electronic mail.

Women Club’s For Workers

Satia remembered the beginning of the time she raised her three children. Technology developments was not supported yet, so she didn’t feel excessive from external influence in taking care of children.   “I raised my children with what I could have. When they were six months years old, I gave rice milled. Now it’s different. Young mothers are stressed since they look upon social media that they must feed their children with salmon but only a certain kind,” State Satia gave example. Even a focus group in DBS Bank of Indonesia showed that these women workers were more concerned of their household’s burden than career development. The result of this discusison inspired Satia’s team,  which she leads, to form women’s clubs.

“We gather together every two weeks only just to share our concerns.  Mothers with different age of children attend this gathering.  Then we share experiences. This is so powerful,” Said Satia.  This women’s club also invit speakers for certain topics, such as leadership, health or beauty. Interestingly, the topics attract male workers to participate.

 Work  As an Option

Satia admits her fortune to have a spouse who sees her as an equal partner. “My husband and I are open with children. They also know the decision was not made as their father decided. But their mother also is given the opportunity to determine something,” Said Satia.

 Nevertheless, Satia is quite surprised to hear that her three boys want household wives. They think that working women tend to be busy with office business. “Now many girls are already taking higer education. Why do they stay at home? They could be stressed