The G20 was formed in 1999 with the aim of discussing policies in order to achieve international financial stability. This forum was formed as an effort to find a solution to the global economic conditions hit by the global financial crisis in 1997-1999 by involving middle-income countries and having systemic economic influence, including Indonesia.

In 2022, the G20 Presidency will be hosted by Indonesia with the theme Recover Together Recover Stronger. In the midst of the world economic condition that is still affected by Covid-19, Indonesia encourages all countries to work together to realize a stronger and more sustainable world recovery.

IBCWE takes part in the G20 Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women's Economic Representation (G20 EMPOWER) to accelerate the leadership and empowerment of women in the private sector as one of its supporters.

The Business 20 (B20)

Business 20 (B20) is the official forum for the G20's dialogue with the global business community. It aims to provide policy recommendations that can be concretely followed up on priorities by each rotating presidency to spur economic growth and development. B20 bases its work on Task Forces and Action Councils which are entrusted with developing consensus-based policy recommendations to the G20 and to international organizations and institutions.

With an average of 1,000 delegates from G20 countries, including top management from leading multinational companies, the B20 includes approximately 2,000 participants representing more than 6.5 million businesses.

IBCWE takes part in the women's business action council as Policy Manager.

Gender Reporting Framework

UN Women in collaboration with IBCWE initiated the Gender Reporting Framework. The project will enable companies to assess the state of their gender equality in the workplace, market, and society and utilize data to demonstrate their gender equality commitments in their reporting. By participating, companies will also be involved in promoting and influencing gender reporting in Indonesia.

Census of Women Leadership in Executive Position in IDX200

This census will be held annually as a census of women's representation in executive roles in 200 Listed Companies with the largest capitalization and transaction activity on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Through this census, the Indonesia Stock Exchange hopes to encourage increased implementation of women's empowerment in the financial industry, especially the capital market.

The Census on Women Leadership in Executive Position in IDX200 was conducted by the Indonesia Stock Exchange, IBCWE, and BOI Research in collaboration with Investing in Women, Accenture, and IA-CEPA ECP Catalyst and supported by the Australian Embassy.