Women in the workplace

Promoting gender equality at the workplace, or what so called ‘women in the workplace’, is one of our program in shaping gender equality.

Aims of our program: Promoting and supporting companies in Indonesia to achieve policy and business operation that support good gender equality includes their decision to select business partners and product and service procurement. Actively IBCWE will take apart in influencing norms in companies and society which influence gender equality in general and women participation in the workforce in particular.

IBCWE has designed some activities to achieve our program:

1.  EDGE Certification

IBCWE has partnership with EDGE Strategy in conducting certification in gender equality. EDGE for Economic Dividends for Gender Equality is the leading global certification program to assess in what term gender equality has been applied in a company and what should be conducted to achieve their goals.

IBCWE will assist in preparing certification, making roadmap to achieve a better gender equality, and monitoring and providing technical support to members with EDGE certification program.

For further information about EDGE, click here

2.  Capacity Building for Women Leaders

IBCWE holds events such as discussions and trainings to deliver technical or soft skill to female talents with potentials and ambitions to become company leaders.

3.  Campaign and Advocacy

Norms and culture in our society influence norm and culture in business and companies. Thus, IBCWE holds activities in order to influence a better gender equality. Our campaign prioritizes good practices and gender champion profiles, women and men play role as model or sample in re-defining role based on gender.

4.  Forums to share knowledge

IBCWE delivers research and communication products with new perspectives and data connected with gender equality issues, particularly about women participation in the work place or workforce. Also IBCWE shares stories and initiatives that inspire companies, women employees and society to give more support for gender equality.