Women in the workplace

Encouraging gender equality in the workplace is one of IBCWE's programs to achieve gender equality. The aim of this program is to build awareness of gender equality in the workplace, increase women's participation in the workforce, and invite and support companies in Indonesia to achieve policy and business implementation standards that support gender equality, including in business partnership decision-making and procurement goods and services.

In achieving these goals, IBCWE has a number of activities, namely:

EDGE Certification

IBCWE is working with EDGE Strategy to implement a certification program in the area of gender equality. EDGE or Economic Dividends for Gender Equality is a certification program that is globally recognized to measure the extent to which gender equality has been implemented in companies and what areas need to be sharpened to achieve the goals.

IBCWE will assist the certification preparation process and determine a roadmap to achieve targets for improving company policies and practices towards better gender equality for IBCWE members who have obtained EDGE certification.

To find out more about EDGE, please read here.

GEARS Diagnostic Tool

GEARS or Gender Equality Assessment Result and Strategy is an initial diagnostic tool that allows companies to diagnose performance, set goals, and build a comprehensive gender equality strategy.

GEARS will divide the diagnostic results into 10 focus areas:

    1. The strategic alignment of gender equality and business priorities.
    2. Leadership and accountability.
    3. Gender pay equity.
    4. The gender composition of the workforce.
    5. Mainstreaming of flexible work arrangements and support for care.
    6. Prevent and address gender-based harassment and discrimination, sexual harassment, and domestic violence.
    7. Professional development, mentoring, sponsorship.
    8. Recruitment, selection, and promotion.
    9. Talent management and succession planning.
    10. Gender equality training in the workplace.

The company's GEARS report will be provided by IBCWE with analysis and recommended action plans to improve each focus area.

To find out more about GEARS, please see here.

Gender Bias Training

IBCWE provides Gender Bias Training for organizations or companies that aim to increase understanding and awareness of gender issues in the social and workplace environment, change perceptions about gender, especially about the importance of gender equality in improving employee’s welfare and organizational performance, and understand how to manage, and implement gender-based policies and practices in the organization.

The facilities obtained in this training are facilitators, training modules, Electronic Certificates.

To find out more about Gender Bias Training, please see here.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

IBCWE provides Anti-Sexual Harassment Training for organizations or companies so that the leaders and employees know more about the forms of sexual harassment and their impact on social life, understand the impact of sexual harassment in the workplace, find out facts and examples of cases related to sexual harassment in the workplace, and take action on what companies can do to prevent and reduce sexual harassment.

The facilities obtained in this training are facilitators, handover modules, Electronic Certificates.

To find out more about Anti Sexual Harassment Training, please see here.

Employee Perception Survey

This survey aims to capture employees' perceptions of gender equality in the workplace, understand the inclusiveness of the company culture, and opportunities for research and development. The survey will be conducted through the GESSA (Gender Equality Staff Survey Application) application.

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IBCWE holds various forums to present the latest research, discuss the participation of women in the workplace or workforce, discuss barriers and best practices for women employees, and discuss the latest issues related to women's empowerment and gender equality in the workplace.

HR Forum

As a business coalition, IBCWE has members from different corporate backgrounds. Each member's experience is unique and interesting to be discussed together. The HR Forum was formed to become a forum for human resources from each member company to discuss and exchange experiences.

In addition, the HR Forum also provides opportunities for human resources from member companies to learn about various new practices that can be applied in their workplace. Several HR Forums that have been held by IBCWE discussed topics such as family-friendly workplace policies, flexible work arrangements, women's career development, and conflict management in the workplace.

Women Talent Network

Women who are in middle to upper-level management often have difficulty climbing the career ladder. Some of the challenges arise from the lack of time for women to network as they have to divide the focus on their roles as mothers, wives, and professional workers. IBCWE initiated the Women Talent Network as a networking platform for women in middle management and in the pipeline for succession or promotion plans. In this forum, women can exchange ideas about career development, self-development, and work experiences from various industrial backgrounds.

The women from the Women Talent Network are representatives of female talent from IBCWE member companies. So far, IBCWE has held a Women Talent Network meeting with the following information:

    1. In February 2020 with the topic of Self-Awareness
    2. In June 2021 with the topic of Being A Mother for All
    3. In October 2021 with the topic of How Women Climb Corporate Ladder and Manage Conflict

Male Fellows Network/Lelaki Turut Serta

To achieve true diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the involvement and support of all genders is essential, including men. The individualistic approach to solving gender inequality ignores the root causes and reinforces the perception that gender equality is only a problem for women and men need not be involved. In fact, career barriers for women are largely rooted in a culture where men are the most powerful stakeholders. Therefore, the involvement of men can help build confidence that what is good for women will be equally beneficial for men.

This understanding is important for changing existing systems. IBCWE invites men as gender equality agents to take a proactive stance in promoting gender equality and supporting women's empowerment in the workplace. The Male Fellows Network/Lelaki Turut Serta is a forum for networking and discussion between male leaders who want to bring about change for the better. These men will also become sponsors to promote women's career development in their respective workplaces.