Recognizing the Value of Gender Diversity in the Workplace: Higher Profitability, Productivity and Creativity

Around 77 percent of 400 surveyed Indonesian enterprises have enjoyed the benefits of gender diversity to their businesses, according to the latest research brief on the benefit of gender diversity in the workplace in Indonesia

The research brief, titled “Leading to Success: The business case for women in business and management in Indonesia”, reveals that among enterprises in Indonesia reporting better business outcomes

Sixty six (66) percent reported increased profitability and productivity as well as greater creativity innovation and openness, 61 percent increased ability to attract and retain talent, 53 percent improved company’s reputation and 46 percent better ability to gauge consumer interest and demand.

The research brief was developed through a joint collaboration between the ILO, Investing Women, the Indonesian Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) and the Indonesian Employers’ Association (APINDO), funded by the Australian government, J.P. Morgan and the ILO’s Bureau of Employers Activities. This was also developed based on the ILO Global Survey in 2019, examining 13,000 enterprises across 70 countries, including 400 Indonesian enterprises.

To better understand the benefits and opportunities that come with gender diversity in the workplace in Indonesia, the research brief had launched on 19 August during the interactive discussion titled “Indonesian Women in Business and Management: The Business Case for Workplace Gender Equality.”

The event highlights good practices and opportunities for further gender diversity at the workplace. It also aims better equip champions in the public and private sector to promote the business case for change in terms of policy and practice.

The event is going to be officially opened by Ms. Haiyani Rumondang, Director General for Industrial Relations and Social Security Development, Ministry of Manpower, together with the representatives of the Australian Embassy, the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, the ILO and the IBCWE.

Moderated by Mrs. Ninuk Pambudi, Kompas Deputy Chief Editor, the interactive discussion presents Mrs. Shinta W. Kamdani, founder of IBCWE and Vice Chairwoman of APINDO, Ms. Nurhayati Subakat, owner of PT. Paragon Technological and Innovation (brand: Wardah Cosmetic) and Mr. Ernest Hutagalung, CFO of Telkomtelstra.

They discuss and examine key findings of the Indonesian brief revealing the recognition that “women in Indonesia are surpassing men in terms of educational attainment, and expanding their skills in STEM disciplines. They are increasingly well trained and more engaged in the workforce. However, women’s career progression is impacted by attitudes and gender bias, which are impacting recruitment and promotion, work assignments, training and mobility.

The event is also held in light of the current context, where it has become clear that, now, more than ever many enterprises have to review their business strategies and priorities so as to respond to the challenges

Promoting gender diversity in the workplace has proven effective and presents an opportunity for businesses to embrace gender diversity as part of their core strategy: for increased productivity and profits, retaining talent, greater creativity, innovation and openness. Empowering women with skills that are demanded in growing industries will lead them to success, in business and management.

Writer: Fellicca P. Madiadipura/Public Relation of IBCWE