Women Take Over : Leading In A Day Event


JAKARTA, 18-12-19: Women and men have equal opportunities and access to leadership. The contributions of women leaders who support the change and development of economy and business are better, is one of the real forms of gender equality in the workforce.   Gender equality is one of the human rights. The right to live worthily and respectable, free from fear, and free to determine the choice. Human rights are not intended only for men, but also for women, one of which is the equal right to work and pursue a career path. The world Bank mentions, global welfare levels can increase by 21.7% if gender equality is implemented. Conversely, losses in human capital wealth globally are expected to reach 160.2 trillion US Dollar due to gender inequality. 

Deputy coordination of protection of women and children, Kemenko Human Development and Culture (FMD) RI, Ghafur Dharmasaputra, said the equality of women and men is still a challenge in Indonesia. It takes time to disguise the position between women and men in the economic sphere. The government will change the mindset of individuals and groups of people to become more gender-conscious, which gives the same and extensive access for women and men in a variety of areas of development  "Can be accelerated through increased activity and advocacy of women in the working world proportionally and professionally," Ghafur said.

The Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) Encouraged women employees to appear to be leaders. Through Women Take Over: Leading A Day, the President Director of Telkomtelstra, Erik Meijer said, so far there are no differences in treatment received by female and male employees, including providing flexible working hours in work. "We will change the mindset that the dominant IT industry man, which of our total employees, as much as 70% is filled with men, and the remaining 30% is filled with women. In the recruitment process, we will continue to increase the number of female employees. We will prioritize. And now it has begun to look, with a percentage of women in engineering fields in the US, "added Erik.

According to Kantar Indonesia's CEO, Suresh Subramanian, Kantar has the standard in helping the possibility of female employees become leaders, as it has a range of Key Performance Indicators and a global guideline on this matter. "One thing we see from women leaders because we give them confidence and ample opportunities. So it depends heavily on companies and organizations to provide opportunities for women leaders to more easily develop up to the top position, "said Suresh.

Meanwhile, Indef's senior economist, Aviliani assesses, "It's time for the government to think about the new era of the work force's detonation, not only in the formal but also informal sectors. With the increasing number of uneducated unemployment, the government can make strategic policies using worker certification. In doing so, Indonesian workers will be able to compete with workers from other countries. "  The Vice-Ambassador of Australia to Indonesia, Allaster Cox, hopes that the private sector can be a driving force for change in promoting women's leadership in the private and business sectors.

We need to create a positive working environment that allows women to progress and achieve leadership positions within the company. The same is expressed by the President of IBCWE, Shinta W. Kamdani, "There are stereotypes that place women on certain occupations and positions within the company, and women must have the courage to fight the stereotypes and achieve dreams Their. Through the Women Take Over Initiative, participants learned about what it takes to be a leader, and we hope this experience inspires them to penetrate the obstacles they face in pursuing their careers. 

These Women Take Over event also celebrates the success of three IBCWE members who have recently received the Economic stock for Gender Equality (EDGE) certification, namely PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, and PT Dan Liris. EDGE certification is designed to help organizations create not only the optimal workplace for women and men but also benefit from it. To date, EDGE is already working with more than 150 organizations in 40 countries and 22 industries.   EDGE is a leading institution in the assessment methodology and business certification standards for gender equality. This certification helps organizations create a workplace that is not only optimal for women and men but also increases productivity, employee retention, and profitability in the long term.   To eliminate discrimination against women in the workplace, the company must commit to making diversity and inclusion as the core value of the organization, allowing women employees the opportunity to develop themselves and encourage Enhancement of women's representation in every level of leadership. 

About IBCWE The Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) is a coalition of companies committed to encouraging women's economic empowerment and gender equality. IBCWE's mission is to support business circles to make an optimal role in improving women's economic empowerment and gender equality. Established since December 14, 2016, IBCWE now has 20 (twenty) member companies who care about the issue of gender equality in Indonesia.

About Investing in Women Investing in Women (IW) is an initiative of the Australian Government to achieve inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty in southeast Asia. IW was established to increase women's economic participation, build a market for women, and influence private and public sector environments to promote the economic empowerment of women in the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia. IW's focus includes priority areas: increasing women's participation in the workforce and as a business leader; Raising women's voices in decision-making and leadership and affects the private and public sectors to recognize and promote the value of gender equality.


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