Women Take Over : Training & Leadership

Women who have a career, often faced with choice, career or family. The fear of stepping forward and grabbing a dream as a leader of a company is often due to the burden and responsibilities that the home has. But not a few women who can achieve a high career position in a company.

This fact is what eventually encouraged IBCWE, to create Women Take Over: Leading In A Day program, for all members of the IBCWE company. This Program is an IBCWE initiation to encourage women to be able to believe in their dreams of ahieving the highest wishes in a career.

The Program involves selected employees of each member company IBCWE, to serve as a CEO of the company they work for, for one day. To support the implementation of this program, IBWE specifically facilitates the employees of several IBCWE member companies such as Telkomtelstra, Kantar, Pan Brothers, Blue Bird and Lóreal by following Women Take Over Training and Leadership, which was held on 11 November 2019 then.

The training was given for one day, involving the Dynergie team, who provided various training materials to become a qualified leader. Not only the material intake in theory, the participants were asked to simulate the presentation technique of a leader, until the strategy of a leader in solving a problem in a company.

The Dynergiepun team saw the great leadership potential of the female participants in the event, "in their lifetime, they already had a sense of leadership by involving people, firmly in deciding and proactive in New ideas. The odds are equally big especially when we look in terms of potential especially the fresh ideas they think of for the company's progress. "

One of the trainees, Dossy Candylia Irani, as Sponsorship & Brand Activation from Blue Bird, said there were some things she felt she needed to be a female leader, "What women need to be Leaders are the ability to set time, emotions and yourself in the various roles required. Because of the many roles a woman has to do differently including when she becomes a leader, and extra energy and personal power to be able to do all her roles well.

Continuing the training results, Elva Sagita, Procurement Junior Specialist who will represent his company Telkomtelstra, perform the "Shadowing" stage by following the company's CEO activities, for one day. Experience the pull he got during this process, "from the with activity yesterday I had the opportunity to one on one the same Mr. Erik, according to SOF meeting with the high-level Telkomtelstra to know the updated news of the company, and accompany Mr. Erik when there is a visit from potential clients to our customer experience. Even to be acquainted with the Commissioner Telkomtelstra, a rare opportunity for me. I'm so aware there are still many things that I have to hone in and need to have to be a better leader! First is the knowledge about the company. Knowledge is not just about understanding the company's product outside, but also understand how culture works in the company and how the relationship here is established. "

Although the Women Take Over program will be followed by members of the member company IBCWE, but the participants present in this training also attended by the male employees of the member company. IBCWE expects participants to understand the leadership character of both men and women. Maya Juwita, as Executive Director of IBCWE said, "There is a different view between women and men to be a leader, but the difference is not to be a differentiator but to complement one another.

The Women Take Over: Leading in A Day Program is expected to provide an experience for female workers with the CEO function. So women workers can have the confidence and ambition to be a leader in the future.

Writer : Joan Natasya Lambe