Diversity in STEM - IBCWE with Telkomtelstra Conducted Campus Visit

As one of the campaign efforts of women in STEM (science, technology, engineer and math), IBCWE together with Telkomtelstra conducted a campus visit with the theme Diversity in STEM. The series began by visiting Bina Nusantara University (Binus) on October 14. Presenting Maya Juwita, Executive Director of IBCWE, Dhany Soepardi, Service Solutions Architect at IGDC as well as Alumi Binus, and Nike Garnia, VP HR Telkomtelstra.

Maya Juwita said that in Indonesia at present, 80% of men are in the formal sector, while only 52% of women are in the formal sector, the rest are in the informal sector or becoming housewives. In these circumstances, there is an economic loss for the country. In the STEM industry, gender bias still often occurs. Vacancies that are opened on average for men, women who want to enter are afraid of discrimination. This causes the lack of role models of women who work in the STEM field.

According to Nike Garnia, at Telkomtelstra female employees in the technical sector still tend to be small, only 20%. Therefore, Telkomtelstra encourages more women to go to STEM. The steps taken are not to distinguish gender from the recruitment process for all fields of work. There must be women and men in every process, and quality will determine who has the right to qualify later. In Telkomtelstra there is also a Billion Connected Women program, which is an activity for sharing, especially women, to support various aspects.

Dhany Soepardi said that there were indeed challenges for women in the STEM field. One of them must be ready 24 hours if there are problems that must be resolved, and underestimated because she is a woman. But with hard work and effort, Dhany was able to prove that women can succeed in the STEM field.

The series of events also continued in Bandung, by visiting the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) on November 16, and Telkom University on November 17. As speakers, besides Maya Juwita, Djauhari Nurachman, VP Product Management Network and Security Telkomtelstra as well as Telkom University alumni, and Revana Hadiani, IT Business Analyst also ITB alumni.

In Bandung, Maya Juwita said, women's participation in studying in the STEM field was quite high, but not comparable to the workforce. The male-dominated STEM industry often makes it difficult for women to develop. Whereas work in technology can support flexibility for women. Women also must have confidence that they are able to work in the STEM field and not give up easily.

Revana Hadiani acknowledged, her choice to go into the science department was challenged by her parents. However, when she has worked at Telkomtelstra, she can change the mindset that women also have the same abilities and expertise as men. Revana stressed the need for women to be trained to always think positively about everything, including challenges, and do not hesitate and be confident when applying for jobs in the STEM industry.

According to Djauhari Nurachman, to enter the world of work, women and men must have the same standards, have creative thinking, and outside the habits that have been the standard in order to compete in the world of work. Entering the world of work, in any field, must be able to think ahead and hone knowledge so that it can be a potential workforce and ready for all challenges. (admin)