Media Meeting: Issues of Gender Equality in Media Management.

This media meeting was held at the initiation of IBCWE and the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia. Conducted on July 23, 2019, this activity succeeded in bringing in 15 participants. Of the 15 participants, 10 came from print and online media:,,,, Suara Updates, Republika, Kompas Daily, Jawa Pos, Vice Indonesia and Jakarta Post. From the electronic media present 5 participants came from: SCTV / Indosiar, Radio Ramako, Metro TV, RTV and RRI.

Participants who attended this activity had a strategic position as policy makers. Some of them occupy positions as editor in chief, news head, news manager, deputy chief editor and editor. This media representative held a discussion on understanding the issues of gender equality, policies and practices that have been taken by each media to support gender equality and fairness.

The purpose of the Media Meeting itself is to increase media understanding of the urgency of implementing gender equality policies and practices in the media. Second is to encourage media sensitivity and to be actively involved in promoting gender equality in the workplace within its media institutions. And finally, to share knowledge on the implementation of gender equality and its impact on the company.

This activity presented three speakers, Asep Setiawan, Chair of the Commission on Organizational Empowerment of the Press Council; Eko Bambang Subiantoro, New Men's Alliance; and Director of Human Resources, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Indonesia. Asep Setiawan and Eko Bambang Subiantoro shared their views, understandings and experiences on the issue of gender equality, while from JLL added the good practices of gender equality that have been carried out and the positive impact on business.

The discussion shows that the understanding of the media is still gender neutral, so it is necessary to have a deeper discussion on the issue of gender equality. Indonesia is currently ranked 85th out of 149 countries, according to the World Economic Forum. With the involvement of the media to practice gender equality within their institutions, and to help spread the importance of the issue of gender equality, it is not impossible that Indonesia's ranking will rise. Because the media is in a strategic position and plays an important role as an information network. (admin)