Accenture Launches #EqualityDrivesInnovation

Accenture launched the #EqualityDrivesInnovation research to commemorate 2019 International Women's Day (IWD). Research was conducted involving 18,000 respondents from 27 countries, including 700 Indonesian respondents. The theme of the research focuses on the cultural impact on the work environment, which encourages the development and innovation capabilities of the company.

The results of the research show that the Indonesian people already have an awareness of the importance of innovation in advancing their company. Accenture's research reveals that in Indonesia, a culture of equality has been able to triple the innovation mindset. This finding encourages Accenture to emphasize the importance of the culture of equality, as an important key to driving the company's innovation mindset. If every country increases the innovation mindset to 10%, global gross domestic product can increase to reach $ 8 trillion by 2028.

Debby Alishinta as Managing Director of Women in Accenture Sponsor in Indonesia assessed that Accenture #EqualityDrivesInnovation Research shows that a culture of equality is the main driver of innovative thinking that has a significant impact on the progress of a company. According to her, the culture of equality plays a much more significant role compared to geographical, demographic, or corporate sector factors. Employees show an innovative mindset that is stronger in a work environment with a better culture of equality.

The results of #EqualityDrives Innovation research show that Indonesia has embraced diversity or cultural differences compared to other countries. Although diversity has a significant effect, the culture of equality is an important multiplier that helps companies maximize their innovations.

In its efforts to strengthen the findings of this research, Accenture Indonesia also held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Femina and IBCWE. According to IBCWE Executive Director, Maya Juwita, gender equality in the world of work will provide more opportunities for Indonesian women to occupy strategic positions and build work situations that provide courage for all employees, to innovate more without fear of trying or fearing failure.