Speed Mentoring with the Canadian Embassy

International Women's Day (IWD) 2019 is a celebration held by many activists of gender equality. Not only that, the Canadian Embassy also held an IWD. The Canadian Embassy held a Speed Mentoring Event for women in Indonesia on March 6, 2019 at the residence of the Canadian Ambassador. Canada brings together two generations of women to share.

Invited mentors come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Some of the mentor present were Shinta W. Kamdani, CEO of Sintesa Group; Her Excellency Marina Berg, Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia; Alissa Wahid, psychologist and humanitarian; Maya Juwita, IBCWE Executive Director and many more.

Those who get the opportunity as mentees or participants also come from various backgrounds. Some work as entrepreneurs, activists from various activities, journalists and researchers.

In Speed Mentoring Event mentors can share success stories and obstacles they have been through so they can be as strong as they are now. Participants can ask for guidance, tips and tricks to the mentor, to tell their problems to find solutions to the experiences the mentors have gone through. Maya Juwita herself, told more about the condition of gender inequality in Indonesia, especially in the private sector which still occurs a lot. The difficulties and challenges faced by IBCWE are to break down the patriarchal culture that has taken root in Indonesia and is reflected in private sector policies.