Fun Talk, I Believe You Can

Family is the first institution to educate children. In it, there is the role of parents as educators, drivers and supporters of children in social life and designing the future. The duties and roles of parents are the obligations that are done jointly not only by Mother but also by Father. The way to educate children by Mothers and Fathers is often different, especially for girls. Fathers tend to be more protective of their daughters. Because Father has fears about the safety of his daughter. And this also influences future elections, including careers for girls.

This is because of the value invested, that women usually have a career in the administrative field or tend to be "subtle". But in reality, many women have careers in male-dominated fields, such as pilots, soldiers, engineers, information technology and the like. This turned out to be inseparable from the support and trust given by Father to his daughter. Father as a role model not only supports financially and education, but also gives confidence that his daughter can have a career in any field and succeed in that field.

In the National Father's Day event, held IBCWE Fun Talk, I Believe You Can. In this casual chatting presented a clinical psychologist from Pulih Foundation, Jane L. Pietra; winner Women in Science L'Oreal Indonesia who is also a researcher and lecturer, Retno Wahyu Nurhayati; and broadcaster TV, Donny de Keizer. The guided discussion is to discuss the importance of the role of father on development of his daughter. How can trust and closeness of father to the daughters could encourage them to have any profession, even in areas dominated by men. According to Jane L. Pietra, indeed if true if the father is involved in childcare, to encourage children to become confident, courageous expression and try new things. And things are ingrained from childhood can lead the future of children, especially girls, to economically empowered and work in any field.

This was proven by the presence of a female pilot and member of the KOWAD (Army Women's Corps) who was also a video resource for the IBCWE social campaign. In the video three profiles of girls who have professions in the male-dominated field and their father are featured. These three are Tyas Marisca Anggarini, Air Asia pilot; Rita Erna Mayasari, member of KOWAD; and Anbita Nadine Siregar, product engineer Go-Jek. They shared the support and trust given by his father who shaped themselves now. In addition, from the father's side it also shows how they trust their daughters and the emotionally close relationship that makes their daughters able to have a career and success in the field as they are now.