An Endless Effort in Achieving Equality

IBCWE in cooperation with the Independent Journalist Alliance Journalism School (SJAJI) held a short course of "Gender Equality in the World of Work". This training is devoted to journalists who have an important role in socializing gender equality issues in the workplace. "Increasing public awareness of the importance of gender equality issues is one of the focuses of IBCWE. And one of them is through traditional and digital media that cannot be separated from the daily life of the community, "said Executive Director Dini Widiastuti about the purpose of IBCWE held the training.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IBCWE Shinta Widjaja Kamdani raised the issue of the need for companies to increase women's participation and leadership. This is related with the commitment of the G20 Country which was made three years ago. The G20 leaders' meeting targets a 25% reduction in the participation rate between men and women by 2025. If this target achieved globally, it will increase the potential for the opening of 189 million employment opportunities and 26% GDP increase or 28 trillion dollars. But efforts to achieve gender equality, especially in the work place, still face a number of challenges. "This can be sourced from internal job providers such as company policies that are not gender sensitive and lack of supporting facilities for women to develop, as well as external factors in the form of norms or views that tend to subordinate women," Shinta delivered her speech read by representatives of IBCWE Board of Trustees Suyono Reksoprodjo.

Meanwhile, according to AJI General Chairman Abdul Manan, gender equality needs to continue to get attention because there are still practices of inequality such as discrimination in the workplace. For example, the view that women are not the main breadwinners like men, "said Manan, adding that this difference in treatment has an impact on wage discrimination, and women often do not receive benefits for their husbands and children. While men as breadwinners, he gets benefits for his wife and child.

The short training for journalists with the theme "Gender Equality in the Work Place" was conducted from mid-September to the end of November. The training was attended by 17 participants from various types of media such as print, television, radio and online. These journalists are from Republika,,, RRI, Tempo, CNN TV, KBR,,,, RTV,, Femina, Metrotvnews, and Newspaper Jakarta. They obtained material from 10 meetings filled by competent speakers. Participants complete their classes by creating journalistic works published in their respective media. They were supported throughout process with the guidance of two mentors, Ati Nurbaiti from The Jakarta Post and Ging Ginanjar from the BBC. The graduation ceremony on December 7, 2017 was held to mark the completion of the training period. The training graduates are expected to be a gender sensitive perspective journalist in coverage until the next work of journalism.