As an advocate of G20 Empower, IBCWE is Committed to Supporting Women's Economic Empowerment through Business Strategies of its Member Companies.

As a coalition of companies in Indonesia that is committed to promoting women's economic empowerment and gender equality, Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) is taking part in a series of G20 Summits.

Part of the series is  the G20 Empower program, a highly strategic forum to unite international forces to advance women all over the world, especially in the economy, leadership, and public sector. This program aims to identify challenges and support the advancement of women's leadership in the private sector.

Maya Juwita, Executive Director of IBCWE is pleased to join as one of Empower's G20 Advocates and expressed IBCWE's commitment to supporting member companies to play an optimal role in making gender equality in the workplace the center of business strategy.

"Our members believe that advancing gender equality in the workplace and supporting women's economic empowerment should be a central part of business strategy. The evidence is clear that companies with higher gender equality enjoy higher rates of growth and performance. Empowering and investing in women has a good impact on business and the economy," said Maya Juwita at the Senior Leaders Meeting on Women Empowerment (27/05/2021).

Therefore, IBCWE is committed to encouraging their members to close the gender pay gap, advance women to leadership and management positions, increase women's participation in the workplace, invest in women-friendly working conditions, ensure that leaders and managers promote gender equality in the workplace, and encourage transparency of reporting on conditions of workplace gender equality in their companies.

Based on a press release from the Indonesian Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (Kemen PPPA), Italy will hand over the role of G20 chairperson to Indonesia on September 21, 2021. The theme of 2022 G20 Empower raises by Indonesia is Recover Together, Recover Stronger.

G20 Empower will align with the  Presidential theme through three pillars, namely promoting productivity through strengthening human resources, innovation for production, and an inclusive economy as well as improving the quality of education and soft skills; increasing resilience and ensuring growth; inclusiveness, sustainability, and stability.

The Deputy for Community Participation of the PPPA Ministry, Vennetia R. Danes said that as an effort to prepare for the implementation of G20 Empower, the PPPA Ministry will increase the active participation of all parties, through the involvement of top leaders of Indonesian women from 34 companies to join as advocates representing Indonesia in Empower G20 Alliance.

1 June 2021

Tiara Tri Hapsari