Members will receive the following benefits:

  1. Opportunity to participate in IBCWE training program and event on gender and leadership
  2. Opportunity to showcase company’s gender equity program through IBWE communication and media channel, including social media platform
  3. Assistance to promote company’s profile vis-à-vis targeted groups such as youth event as part of talent recruitment program or communities
  4. Assistance to develop capacity building program for women talent
  5. Assistance to develop impactful CSR program related to women’s economic empowerment and engagement with established non-profit organisations and social enterprises to boot the impact
  6. Opportunity to network with like-minded companies in the region, as IBCWE’s program of women in the workplace is part of a regional program.

Members are expected to:

  1. Share good practices through story gathering and/or as resource person in IBCWE’s event
  2. Promote the importance for business to promote gender equality and women’s economic empowerment
  3. Promote IBCWE to their networks